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Customizing your dashboard

You can change the layout of your dashboard and choose from a number of dashlets to show the information you want to see.

If you want, add multiple copies of each dashlet and then set the filters so that each one displays different information.

Note: You can use the Welcome panel to quickly get started with Alfresco. You can permanently remove it whenever you want by clicking Remove then Yes to confirm.
  1. Click Customize Dashboard icon to start customizing your dashboard.
  2. Change the dashboard layout:
    1. Click Change Layout.
    2. Select a layout.
  3. To select your dashlets:
    1. Click Add Dashlets.
    2. Drag and drop dashlets from the Add Dashlets section onto the columns below.

      Note: You can drag and drop dashlets around the columns to change the display order, or to the trash can (or press DELETE) to remove them.
  4. Click OK to save the dashboard configuration.

    Tip: On your dashboard you can resize most dashlets - just click on the bottom of a dashlet then drag up and down to resize it.