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Installing and configuring Alfresco DocLib Portlets

DocLib Portlets provide the rich document management capabilities of the Share Document Library page component within a portal. This feature consists of three portlets for accessing Share sites and the Alfresco repository. In the Share sites portlet, you have access to the sites you are already a member of and all public sites.
Once deployed to Liferay, you will be unable to log in to the native Share application. Therefore, to create and manage Share sites (including managing site membership and accessing other functionality outside the Document Library), you will require a second Share instance deployed to a separate Tomcat server.
Before proceeding with the installation and configuration, ensure the following:
  • The Alfresco repository (alfresco.war) running must be Enterprise 3.3.3 or later.
  • Alfresco has been installed using the installers or is running in a Tomcat container.
  • Liferay Portal 5.2.3 or Liferay Portal 6.0 GA3 is installed and working.
  • The Java version must be a supported version for use with Alfresco: OpenJDK, IBM JDK 1.6 (Latest), JDK 6 U33 X64.
  • The administrative user knows the location where Liferay is deployed.
  • The required modifications have been completed if you are using Tomcat. The modifications must be made for both Alfresco and Liferay if you are using different servers.
  • The deployed version of share.war in Liferay must be the same as the deployed version of alfresco.war.