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Updating your profile

Alfresco user profiles help you to identify a user's roles and responsibilities, or even find out who's who in your organization by checking profile pictures.
When you click on your name at the top of the screen a menu opens where you can update profile details, change your password, search the help, and logout.
  1. Click your user name and select My Profile, then Edit Profile.

    Note: You can also select View My Profile from the My Profile dashlet.
  2. Enter all the details that you want to show in your profile, including a picture if you like, then click Save Changes.

    Note: If you already had a profile photo, uploading a new one overwrites it.

    If you enter a Google Username it will be used as the default account when you edit or create Google Docs.

  3. Click Home and you can see the updated details in the My Profile dashlet.
  4. And lastly you can add real-time customization by clicking the user menu on the toolbar and clicking Set Status.
  5. Enter a message in the What are you thinking? box, and click Post Status.

    Tip: If you're on your dashboard then refresh your browser to see the updated status in the My Profile dashlet.
When your colleagues view your profile they'll see all the details you've entered and know exactly what you're working on.