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Spring framework plug-in

Surf snaps into the Spring framework as a view composition plug-in for Spring Web MVC.

Spring Web MVC allows you to build web applications in a highly configurable way. The Spring framework has many plug-in view resolver technologies available, including JSP, Tiles, Grails and Alfresco Surf. Alfresco Surf is a formal Spring extension project that was developed as a collaboration between Alfresco and SpringSource. Spring application architects can mix and match these technologies. Surf provides a scriptable, no-compile alternative that quickens the pace of building web applications by allowing for faster iteration and fewer server restarts. Surf provides several tools to help this process:

  • Spring Roo add-on for Surf gives additional commands to install, configure, and scaffold Surf applications. With a few simple commands, you can create new pages and web scripts for applications.
  • SpringSource Tool Suite plug-in for Surf gives additional wizards and templates for the SpringSource Eclipse-based IDE environment. These wizards let you configure and build new Surf applications.
  • Spring Travel, Spring Pet Clinic sample sites provides quick start reference applications as a guide for building Surf applications.