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What changes are allowed in an SDK release?

The following describes the kind of changes you can expect (are allowed) in major, minor, and patch releases.

A 3 digit versioning scheme is used, major.minor.patch (e.g. 2.1.0). The following is a list of changes that can go into each one of these releases:

  1. major
    1. Backward incompatible changes (e.g. changes in the archetype project structure, functional changes in archetypes POMs, functional changes in existing profiles)
    2. Changes in the artifact naming
  2. minor Cannot change existing behaviors (e.g. existing profiles semantics, build lifecycle, archetype structure).
    1. New features (e.g. new alfresco-sdk-parent, new archetype profiles, new properties)
    2. New artifacts
  3. patch Ideally no changes to the code of the archetypes.
    1. Bug Fixes
    2. Limited changes to SDK parent and Alfresco Plugin

Note that in addition to this there can be beta releases to give early access to features.