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The ActivityServices is responsible for generating activity feeds for each member of a Share site. The activities generated include such events as a document was added, a document was previewed, the wiki was updated.
Information ActivityService
Support Status Full Support
Architecture Information Platform Architecture

What is an activity?

  • Activity represents an action that has taken place within an Alfresco client interface (app/tool)
  • Activity is typically initiated by the Alfresco app/tool/component/service on behalf of a user (it is not necessarily initiated by the underlying repository)
  • Activity is of a given/named type specified by the Alfresco app/tool (for example document added)
  • Activity is performed at a particular point in time (post date)
  • Activity may have associated data dependent on type of activity
  • Activity may be performed within a given site/network context
  • Activity may be performed within a given app/tool context
  • Activity may be sensitive, that is, associated with data that is permission controlled, therefore, the activity itself may be permission controlled (can or can't be read)
  • Activity may be rendered into one or more UI views (activity summary)

Activities may be raised by one or more Alfresco applications. The posted activity must have a uniquely named activity type.

Examples of activity types include:

  • Added, updated, and deleted documents
  • Triggered on versioning
  • Includes changes to metadata (explicitly denoted in feed)
  • Does not include updates to tags
  • Uploaded and expanded ZIP
  • Added and deleted folders
  • Added and removed members (person joined/left site)
  • User role changes (change of user role for a site)
  • New comments (on any artifact in a site, including documents, blog entries, etc.)
  • Workflow-generated activities (requires explicit posting via customizing workflow definition)
  • Added, updated, and deleted events (calendar entries)
  • Published, updated, and deleted wiki pages
  • Published, updated, and deleted blog entries
  • Blog entry published to external blog engine
Deployment - App Server Deploy as AMP or Simple Module (JAR) package.
Deployment - SDK Project Use SDK archetypes to produce AMP or Simple Module.
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