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Troubleshooting the installation

Follow these tips if you see error messages when using the Alfresco One Share Installer.
Note: The Alfresco One Installer is recommended for most purposes. See Installing Alfresco on Linux using the Alfresco One Installer for more information. These tips help troubleshoot problems found in Alfresco Share, when you have used the Alfresco One Share Installer (see Installing Alfresco on Linux using the Share Installer for more information). Use this installer only if you have a specific requirement for it.
  1. Start Alfresco and log on to Alfresco Share (http://localhost:port/share) as the admin user. Enter the password that you specified in Installing Alfresco on Linux using the Share Installer in the Admin Password window.
  2. Check for error messages as you start Share.
  3. If you see the following message:

    Alfresco is running without Share Services.  See your System Administrator for more details.
    check the Admin Console to determine which AMP files have been installed, and their versions. It might be that either you have not installed the Share Services AMP in your Alfresco repository (see Installing Alfresco on Linux using the Share Installer or Installing Alfresco on Windows using the Share Installer), or the version of the AMP that you have installed is not correct.
  4. If you see the following message:

    Invalid MANIFEST.MF: Share Specification-Version is missing, are you using the valid
          MANIFEST.MF supplied with the Share.war? 
    check that you have not deleted or changed the MANIFEST.MF file. The MANIFEST.MF file shipped with the Share.war is required for validation, and Alfresco Share will not work correctly if this cannot be read.

    If you are using a Maven WAR build, this will override the shipped MANIFEST.MF file. When you unpack your WAR file, you will need to specify unpack-dependencies explicitly, for example:


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