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Setting your home page

Your default Alfresco home page is your user dashboard, but you can set it to be any page in Alfresco that you have access to.

This can save you time if most of your work is done from a specific Alfresco location, by taking you straight to that screen every time you log in.

  1. Go to the page that you want to be your home page.
  2. Click your user name and select Use Current Page.

    That's it. Now, every time you log in Alfresco will open on this page. You can change this whenever you want to or select Use My Dashboard to set your home page back to your dashboard.

    Tip: The Home option on the Alfresco toolbar will also take you to the page that you've set as your home page.

    You can still click your name then User Dashboard to go to your dashboard.

    Note: Sometimes the home page you've selected could become unavailable, for example, if you select a site dashboard as your home page and the site is then deleted. If this happens we'll notify you that you need to select a new home page.
This video shows you how to set your homepage in Alfresco.

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