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Support issue resources and case logging

The Support Portal has a variety of self-service tools. You can also log a support case in this portal. The Support Portal is available at

Self-Service tools

The self-service tools are as follows:

Solutions (Knowledge Base)

Solutions is a knowledge base that is constantly growing, so we recommended that you search for solutions to common issues before logging a support case.

To access the knowledge base, log in to the Support Portal and then go to Solutions Tab to search for a topic.

Alfresco Documentation

The officially supported Alfresco Documentation has all the current information on installing, configuring, using, administering, customizing, extending, and troubleshooting for your major version of Alfresco.

Logging An Issue

Should you not find your answer using the self-service tools, please log a support case using one of the following methods.


Alfresco Support has a web interface that you can use to log a support case. Go to and create a new case with the pertinent details and any necessary attachments.

In the event that the Support Portal is down or unavailable, then support contacts can email which will automatically create a support issue.

Telephone - mandatory logging method for Severity 1 issues

For all issues, we recommend logging a support case first so that we are looking at the same information you have in real-time.

Use the following numbers to contact Alfresco Support.

Americas (North, Central and South America)

Office Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

Toll Free (USA Only) +1 888 408 1687
New York, USA +1 212 738 9069
San Francisco, USA +1 415 449 8710
Vancouver, Canada +1 778 785 4201
EMEA (Europe, Africa and Middle East regions)

Office Location: Maidenhead, UK

Austria (Vienna) +43 720 880700
Belgium (Brussels) +32 804 80 600
Denmark (Copenhagen) +45 89880600
Finland (Helsinki) +358 09 425 99710
France (Paris) +33 1 70 61 27 66
Germany (Munich) +49 89 22061000
Italy (Rome) +39 06 9338 7618
Luxembourg (Luxembourg) +352 2 088 1200
Netherlands (Amsterdam) +31 20 808 0361
Norway (Oslo) +47 21 08 1600
Portugal (Lisbon) +351 308 801 600
Spain (Madrid) +34 91 187 6947
Sweden (Stockholm) +46 8-403 093 00
Switzerland (Zurich) +41 43 5012 900
UK (Maidenhead) +44 1628 876 550
APAC (Asia Pacific Region)

Office Location: Sydney, Australia

Australia (Sydney) +61 2 8014 4635
Japan (Toyko) +81 3 4520 9311

Sending feedback to the Alfresco documentation team

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