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Enhancement Policy

Alfresco accepts code contributions, improvements, suggestions, and recommendations for future releases. The Enhancement policy manages these items.

What is an enhancement request

An enhancement request is a piece of functionality that was not specified at the time that the code was written, or an extension to what is already present. Undocumented functionality is considered an enhancement request.

How are enhancement requests created

Enhancement requests are accepted and created by the support team using a support case entered within the Support Portal along with an associated Engineering issue. The associated support case is then placed in a Pending Engineering state while the Engineering team works through the issue.

What happens to my enhancement requests

Enhancement requests are kept in a separate Engineering project.. You are welcome to vote on enhancements you would find useful in your environment. Alfresco uses the votes as an indication of applicability across our subscriber base.

As the planning for a new release gets underway, enhancements requests are reviewed for consideration in the next release.

Once an enhancement request has been implemented, the original enhancement request is closed and the requester is notified.

Can enhancement requests be escalated

If you are a customer or partner, then you can escalate your enhancement via the standard support and account management channels.

Can I request an enhancement for a specific Alfresco product/version

Yes, if your product or version is in “Full Support” state. Please refer to the Product Support Policy section for more details.

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