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Alfresco Content Services is a modular platform and offers certain capabilities in the form of add-on extensions, typically packaged as Alfresco Module Package (AMP) or as of Alfresco version 5.1 as Alfresco Simple Modules (JAR), developed by Alfresco Software or by its Community ecosystem. We describe here the different types of extensions they support and compatibility.

Type of Extensions

Extensions and integrations can be classified based on their provenience:

  • Alfresco Supported Extensions and Integrations, developed by Alfresco Software and supported for Alfresco Customers
  • Alfresco Certified Technologies, developed by Alfresco certified Partners, validated by Alfresco and supported for Alfresco Customers
  • Community Extensions and Integrations, developed by the Alfresco Community and therefore not supported.
  • Alfresco Unsupported Extensions and Integrations, extensions developed by Alfresco to showcase new features, promote feedback and highlight potential use cases and were never intended to be part of the core product, thus have not had formal QA or been fully documented, therefore are not supported.

Alfresco Supported Extensions and Integrations

An AMP/JAR will only be supported if it is documented in the Official Documentation Online, since this will mean that it:

  • Has been through a full QA cycle
  • Support have the infrastructure to test and reproduce issues
  • Support status is Full Support or Limited Support for the Module / Extension in the Product Support Status

Alfresco Certified Technologies

A Partner developed technology listed in the Alfresco Integrations page, and it’s supported by Alfresco and its Partner, since this will mean:

  • Is validated and certified by Alfresco to work against the specific target Alfresco product version
  • It implements Alfresco development best practices

Community Extensions and integrations

An AMP/JAR developed by the Alfresco Community and therefore unsupported. The main hub to find Alfresco Community extensions and integrations is the Alfresco Content Services - Add-ons on the Alfresco Hub.

Alfresco Unsupported Extensions and integrations

An AMP/JAR developed by Alfresco is considered to be unsupported if it is not documented in the Official Documentation. In addition, the following will also be true:

  • The module.title will include the term unsupported (Alfresco One 3.1 onwards)
  • The AMP is only available for download from the Labs sites (Alfresco One 3.1 onwards)
  • The download file itself has ‘unsupported’ in the filename (Alfresco One 3.1 onwards)
  • Wiki pages clearly state the feature is unsupported (Alfresco One 3.1 onwards)
  • The module is not present or in KB Support in the Product Support Status page

As of Alfresco One 3.4, the following AMPs fall into this category:

AMP Name File
Facebook DocLib alfresco-fb-doclib-unsupported.amp
Native PHP and MediaWiki Integration alfresco-php-integration-2.1.0-unsupported.amp;
Java PHP Integration phpIntegration-unsupported.amp
MediaWiki Integration (based on Java PHP) org.alfresco.module.mediawikiintegration-unsupported.amp
Records Management alfresco-recordsmanagement-unsupported.amp
Google Gadgets

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