Alfresco Support Handbook

Alfresco Product Access

Alfresco products are available to customers and partners. Use the links provided in this page to access the Alfresco products and documentation.

Pre-built release artifacts

Access to the Alfresco pre-built release artifacts is from the Alfresco Support Portal at

Go to the Downloads tab to find links to the latest releases of Alfresco products. To find older releases, use the Search box.

Containerized products

Some Alfresco products are released as a Docker image or a set of multiple Docker images. Images that are common to both Enterprise and Community versions are available at Docker Hub:

Enterprise-only Docker images are available via a Docker pull from repositories. Please contact Alfresco Support for credentials to the repositories.

Building Alfresco products using SDKs

Several Alfresco products can be built using SDKs. To see a list of available SDKs, refer to the Alfresco Documentation.

Most SDKs require Maven and access to the Alfresco Nexus repository. Please contact Alfresco Support for credentials to the Nexus repository.

Access to Alfresco product source code

Source code for most Alfresco products, including ACS, APS, and many modules, is available at the Alfresco Nexus repository in the form of a product sources.jar, or available in GitHub:

If you are unable to locate the source code for a product or module, or need credentials to the Nexus repository, please contact Alfresco Support.

Note: If you modify the code beyond basic extensions, you will invalidate your support contract. To ensure this does not occur, please contact Alfresco with your proposed changes.

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