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Product Support Lifecycle

The Alfresco Product Support Lifecycle and the how Alfresco products, versions and components transitions through support states

Product Support Status

The Support Status of Alfresco Products can change over time according to the Alfresco Product Support Lifecycle. This can happen for a number of reasons, including customer demand, product strategy changes and innovation.

To help customers plan around the End of Maintenance of our products, Alfresco publishes a list of all products with their current support status, first release date, deprecation date, and end of maintenance. This list is available on the Alfresco Product Support Status page.

For general policies on Support of different Alfresco Product versions please refer to the Alfresco Product Support Policy page.

Product Support Lifecycle

The Product Support Lifecycle defines how Alfresco Products, components and versions transition between different support states. An overview of product support states and state transitions is provided in the following image:

Support Lifecycle

The table below describes in detail the different transitions and support states of Alfresco products, versions and components:

State / Transition Description
First Release (Transition) The date on which a product is first made Generally Available.
Full Support (State) Full support, services and code fixes are provided to customers with a current support contract, based on the terms & conditions per customer entitlement.
Deprecation (Transition) The date on which the product is no longer sold or further developed.
Limited Support (State) As a product version enters the limited support phase, the following guidelines apply:
  • Alfresco Support will direct customers to existing fixes/patches and workarounds wherever possible.
  • Alfresco Software may direct customers to upgrade to a more current version/release of the product.
  • Alfresco Software will consider bug-fixing on a case by case basis at its own discretion. Typical examples of bug fixes include high-impact security issues and business critical regressions.
  • Alfresco Software will not implement further enhancements or improvements for products or versions in this support state.
For full details, please refer to the Enhancement Policy.
End of Maintenance (Transition) On the date a product version enters End of Maintenance, the following applies:
  • The product version has matured to the Extended Support Program, with limited support offered by Alfresco Support. For full details, refer to the Extended Support Program.
  • Code changes are no longer being made to this product.
  • Alfresco Support will direct customers to upgrade to a supported version of the product to address unexpected software behavior that cannot be resolved by the Support Analyst Team.
Open Source (Optional Transition) As often as possible, products are converted into Community-led open source projects, with maintenance responsibilities handed over to the Alfresco Community.
Knowledge Base (KB) Support (State) The product is no longer maintained. It will still be possible to search the Knowledge Base for articles regarding product versions that are no longer maintained. Upgrade support requests will still be accepted for these versions; Alfresco Support will apply the limited support guidelines in the upgrade situation.

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