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Useful Details

Please help us to help you by including the following details when you log a call:
  • Version of Alfresco Content Services (ECM) or Alfresco Process Services (BPM- Activiti)
  • For Alfresco Content Services, please include the start of the alfresco.log file that shows the schema version
  • Operating system, database, application server, and browser version (see > supported platforms for supported versions)
  • Explain the issue with as much detail as possible about the circumstances in which it happens
  • Attach a JMX Dump, if possible
  • When the issue started
  • Any changes made around this time
  • Impact the issue is having; please refer to Alfresco Severity definitions
  • Troubleshooting carried out to date
  • Any supporting evidence, such as log files or on-screen messages