Alfresco Process Automation


Files can be uploaded and used within a project.


The basic properties of a file are:

Property Description
File name Required. The name of the file. Must be in lowercase and between 1 and 26 characters in length. Alphanumeric characters and hyphens are allowed, however the name must begin with a letter and end alphanumerically, for example order-template.
File description Optional. A description of what the file should be used for, for example A template for orders to follow.

Create a file

To create a file:

  1. Sign into the Modeling Application and open a project.

  2. Click the NEW dropdown.

  3. The Create > File and Upload > File options both require a file to be uploaded into the Modeling Application. Alternatively use the + or Upload buttons next to Files in the left-hand menu.

  4. Enter a name and optional description.

File modeling

The File Editor only allows a file to be renamed or uploaded and the Metadata contains the properties related to the file, such as its mimetype.

Once a file has been uploaded and given a name, it can be used in a process definition as a process variable of type file.


The actions that can be run against a file are:

Action Description
Download file Download the file.
Validate Run validation against the file. Any errors can be seen in the log history at the bottom of the Modeling Application and are flagged in a pop-up box.
Save Save any changes made to the file.
Delete Delete the file.

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